Curiosity, here is your best ally in winning the love of almost any guy. Any one of us, from the moment of birth can be read as hand gestures and facial expressions. Likewise, humans (especially men) 'read' and how you behaving. The main thing is to get guys to believe that it was he wanted to get close to you, not vice versa! Having studied the 10-Tb underwritten rules, you'll be able to turn a head from any guy you liked. Importantly, it used in a real situation these recommendations, since what is used on the 'field' and give you the desired effect, and from extensive reflection of the effect will drop! Tricks, how to attract the attention of a guy. 1) First, Find out from friends, colleagues, good friends, if there is another woman at the desired men? It is not necessary to break the happiness of others! As is known, in a strange misfortune to their own happiness is not to create. 2) It sounds a little course wildly, but Explore horoscope guy! Has long shown that people born under certain zodiac sign, for the most part, fit the nature of this zodiac sign! Check out who your man of zodiacal sign and you will understand his character! 3) Try to stand out from the crowd you like! Please take into consideration the men, it is inherently very grown up children, and psychology has remained the same! Surprise the guy, be talkative and mysterious. But do not try too far! 4) The people believe that a joint hobby join a guy and a girl.