That the Pope is not welcome, by all the Spaniards he is listened to in initiatives with mottos like: " Not to the visit of the Pope. Not with my impuestos" , or the one that accompanied in its last visit from the Valencian balconies &quot to him; Not you esperamos". Then Spain is after all according to the constitution, aconfesional State where any religion with public money is not due to benefit any religious leader nor to be promoted. Making a little history on the papal figure, it would be possible to be said that in the pagan tradition also he was usual that certain people with being able claimed to be the representatives of God, we remember the Pharaohs of Egypt. In Libro " The faith of the Iglesia" of Neuner-Roos it is read: the bishop of Rome has priority mainly the orb and You must know that you are the father of the princes and kings, the conductor of the orb. But we watched the present situation of the orb would be necessary to ask itself, what and how is leading the east Pope world? Perhaps it leads epidemics, the natural needs and catastrophes? Is really he the conductor of all the misfortunes that attack the people, the nature and the animal? If he is thus, then, what happens in the Earth he really takes place by his intervention? In that case he is not the representative of the God of the love, of the Father of all the human beings, but we could also ask it is leading the evil towards the men? Since if it really is santo would have to have to be able on the floods, the diseases, earthquakes and tsunamis, to him they would have to him to obey the elements. How it is possible that Benedicto XVI few weeks before being chosen Pope, it affirmed in an interview in the program Kontraste, of German television ARD: We are in the continuity of the Inquisicin? But what was still more incredible he was his second phrase: It is not possible to be denied that the Inquisicin has brought certain progresses, for example the one that the defendant before everything have been listened and interrogated. .