Soviet Union

What is an anecdote, which easily turns the impossible into the desired, relative to the absolute, top to bottom, in the ordinary fantastic, but not to create new hierarchies and myths, and to cast doubt exist? The answer to this question is easy and difficult at the same time. Let's try to understand. At first glance, anecdote – a simple, often primitive short story of everyday life, on the other hand – the subject of Anecdote refuses to turn facts into values, certainly not "appreciate" the object of his story, as narrated neobhodimoimeet some tsennostiimeet some tsennostiigra voobrazheniyaigra imagination. The main task of a joke – laughter and a great pleasure, which he calls, rather than truth itself. Laughter for a joke – it's his right to a future life. Other rights he does not. The researchers argue that modern jokes historically originated as stories about the funny side of life of the great and famous people.

Anecdote constantly calls his heroes from ordinary people, deprives them of their height, put in place, ie Descends from heaven to earth. Even The gods themselves have lost their status, once in modern anecdote. Heaven and hell have become a common site of action of anecdotes. Anecdote and not think to revive the Gods. God jokes – it's a toy, helping to invent new plots joke. Or label with which the world had grown thematised jokes.

Not surprisingly, the Soviet Union (the main source of jokes – Odessa – was then the Soviet city) polzovalsya popular political anecdote services has been limited by fear of arrest and long detention camp, but the jokes still were written and told by the ear the most loyal friends. It is important to note the presence of a certain type of jokes containing signs of hidden envy of our time – it's jokes, which mocked the "new Russian". It is a sign of social antagonisms, dislike the "new rich". One of the motives of this feeling is probably the envy of the rich life the other, although one should not forget that satirizes social stratum was grateful material for jokes. Further, as a response to the numerous beauty contests, appeared and were actively picked up jokes about blondes, although it is clear that hair color does not affect intelligence. Laughter is also possible in the field beyond a certain morality. Thus, the object of humor in the jokes of our new common is violence or innocent savagery that occurs from a misunderstanding of the moral values imposed on the model of perception, which is torn away by ridicule. The point here is rather in the way of submission and mechanism of action of the story. Absurd and cruel fun of modern anecdote including cases that for a "romantic" are absolutely ridiculous. And there is seen a tendency to ridicule totalization – is absolutely ridiculous, and all around trying to find a calls and asks for nothing. Anecdote is free of any kind whatsoever regulations. The one who receives it, he promises clean, fun game. And this is the main therapeutic function of the anecdote. It removes the fear of the world does not brings people together, removes the alienation between them, preserving their autonomy and independence. Wise parable peculiar anecdotes. It is no coincidence some of the formulas of the jokes went over to the aphorisms and sayings,