Norbekov Institute (also known as self-healing Rights Institute) was established in Moscow in 1998. Its founder and longtime leader, it is not difficult to guess, MS Norbekov. During its existence the institute opened Norbekov offices in 28 countries around the world: in Russia, CIS countries and Baltic States and abroad – in the U.S., Britain, Germany, Israel and Canada. In total, more than three hundred cities around the world conducted studies on improving Academician Norbekov system, employing over 600 teachers. In 2002 he founded the Institute Norbekov in New York, which today has 14 branches in different States. As educators are fond of repeating the Institute, currently over 2 million people in the courses of the Institute Norbekov able to improve their health and well-balanced life to get the mood. But is this true? No statistics the agency does not provide.

Rather, we mean that More than two million have been paid and courses on the system Norbekov. Further description of the fully cite the work of this institution found on the website of the Institute Norbekov: For more than twenty years has accumulated vast experience, we find new techniques, made scientific discoveries, a number of awards and international qualifications. Clinical studies have confirmed the excellent results in chronic respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardio – vascular, nervous, endocrine, immune and other systems. Author’s method of work Norbekov vision revolutionized modern medicine. It allows you to restore eyesight without drugs and surgery intervention, and a number of diseases which are incurable official medicine. Among them – optic atrophy, myopia, astigmatism, different types of dystrophy, cataract, glaucoma, color blindness. Here impossible to list all the diagnoses, which are engaged in the Institute Norbekov.

However, it is important to note that due to work on himself, of 97-98 100 people are beginning to restore health even during the ten- educational and recreational courses. So what I want to say after reading this? Only one, the institute Norbekov able “to squat on the ears.” Essentially speaking, the “teachers” of the institution, to the notion that the Institute has irrelevant. Just cheat their customers! In – first raised questions about the authenticity “of prizes and international diplomas.” Rather institutions to lend. In – the second, which means “good results in chronic diseases of the respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardio – vascular, nervous, endocrine, immune and other systems? ” Excellent results – a concept rather vague and imprecise, and science concepts such are not interested. Here we need FACTS. Where is irrefutable evidence of the improving health of two million people? B – Third, what kind of statement about the alleged coup in medicine? Techniques that are used in the institute has long Norbekov known and used throughout, just in slightly different form. Finally, phrases like “thanks to the work on himself, out of 100 people 97-98 start to restore health even during the ten-day educational and recreational Course “at once make it clear that the institution Norbekov primarily aimed at enriching its creators, since they are absolutely meaningless and does not guarantee the words are designed to attract people. A sick man this is such a person, which is why – it is ready to implement the recommendations of anyone, even a charlatan, but would not follow doctor’s recommendations!