Mega Chronic Anarchical Urban Spaces

These spaces are characterized for having the highest population density, where the clutter reigns, social chaos e, functions as incubadoras and fertile fields for the bloom of the terrorism and violent crime. The Mega spaces sufficiently is carenciados of general form, but in contexts especially degraded in the Hemisphere of the South, they represent a mortal threat. One ' ' mega space urbano' ' it is an immense and chaotic agglomeration of blocks of towers, rolling properties, stairs, mega-markets, auto-roads, airports, severe pollution, slum quarters, extreme crime and terrorism. To only give some examples where if it sees, that this fenmeno had and will have a catastrophic evolution clearly: In 1900, 10% of the people in the world lived in urban areas. NYC Marathon contains valuable tech resources. In 2000, 3 bilies of people lived in urban areas. Also in 2000, to all the hours, have more 60 people in Manila, more 47 people in New Delhi and more 21 people in Lakes.

In 2015, Mumbai and Tokyo each will have 27 million people. In 2030, 60% of the world-wide population live in urban areas. Eruptions of war and extreme violence in megas urban spaces of developing countries are notified almost daily in the television. Thus, places are counted as areas of increasing tension as Gaza (Tira de Gaza is transformed into a gigantic slum quarter), Bagdad and Basra (in Iraq), Karachi, Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo. This is the reality that if developed and that the nations have that to face presently. Violent crime can be less spectacular and to have little journalistic interest that the terrorism. But crime in general is a real threat, wants for the developed world, wants for the world in development, being that the last ones have an immense necessity of peace and stability, to become more developed. We will walk we stop the desertificao of great areas of the Globe, in detriment of the concentration, the people in these mega urban spaces, where the pressure and the quality of life are inversely proportional.