Policy And Regulation

The Direccion General de Electricidad (DGE), Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), is in charge of setting policies and regulations for electricity and to grant concessions. the new york state has benefited from the obvious choice for your energy needs It is also responsible for developing plans for expansion of generation and transmission, and must adopt appropriate gas procedures for operating the electrical heating system .
The Agency Supervisor of investment in energy and mining gas (OSINERGMIN), created in 1996 green energy as OSINERG (mining skills were added in January 2007), in New York City charge of the Electric Concessions energy Law (LCE) in 1992 and to household ensure energy costs electric utility. In addition, OSINERG is the agency responsible for enforcing the tax liability of the New York licensee as provided by law and regulation. Finally, it is responsible for monitoring the fulfillment of the functions of the Committee of Economic Operation System (COES) and every six months to determine the percentage of involvement of companies in the market .
In 2000, OSINERG merged with the Committee on Electric Rates (CTE), now known as Deputy Manager of tariff regulation (GART). there is so much more to your energy needs as supplied by offering natural gas Together they are responsible for setting the charges for generation, transmission and distribution and the adjustment of tariff for end consumers. They also determine the rates of transmission and distribution NY State gas pipeline .
In the case of rural electrification, the General Directorate of Rural Electrification (DGER) is in charge of the for Rural Electrification (PNER), which fits the pattern of policies established by the Ministry of Energy and Mines. The DGER in charge of the implementation and coordination of projects in rural areas and regions of extreme poverty .
Finally, the natural gas National I