New York

Gym & friends another rich source in possible friends is the gym, a very complex world, a parallel universe, a planet full of kindness, glances, smiles and nice t-shirts. Do sounds interesting, no? If until now have never gone to a gym probably I get the ideal time to do it. Don’t worry about not knowing how to train yourself, the monitor will make you a table of exercises and also teach you how to make them. As you can see, this problem is now resolved. After become a member of this new world, you’ll discover a very interesting variety of people.

Don’t be shy / a, returns the smiles, if someone offers will help you with your homework, accepts the happy to help / to because it is a great opportunity to engage in a conversation and Exchange phone numbers. Buy some shirts with fun, this message form will have guaranteed success. MI t-shirt is cool rather than yours “. Do you like it? On the internet you will find thousands of t-shirts with such messages. In your process of making new friends also you start to see you better because, as we all know, the sport has many benefits. Among other things, physical activity helps us to maintain good health, weight control, increased flexibility or improve self-esteem. It calls for a cocktail You get bored at home and who do not have exit? Salt with yourself. This method represents another very interesting way of making new friends.

How? Get something nice, but not very sophisticated for not risking to seem inaccessible, and salt to the bar that more you like or find one that pleases you. Take a seat at the bar and asks a colored and cheerful cocktail. Shows willingness and pays attention, discreetly, to what happens to the your around because a possible future friend can be very close to you. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the person sitting to your left, or any like have a small conversation while taste, for example, coffee. You can make a comment about the weather or other everyday aspect of life. Don’t forget that simplicity is sometimes the basis of a nice start. In the world there are many people who are confronted with the loneliness that seems to have become a pandemic in big cities. From Madrid to London via Milan, Tokyo or New York, there are increasingly more people who suffer from this overwhelming sense of spiritual emptiness. In the majority of cases the shyness and fear of rejection prevent us socialize and get out of this situation, but we always have to remember that many of our problems will find a solution with a little imagination, initiative and a smile.