Meaning Of Flowers

Posted by name, and thought that these notes could be called also “Old songs. Indeed, too many painted with pages of paper and virtual, the correct selection of colors in the design, and to internet and to this day in large numbers are pages colorings. Inclined to think that it is not only from a lack of taste. But in many respects from the webmasters of misunderstanding the role of color in design. But I was not in vain had the idea “an old song the main thing.

” Selection of color pages and their elements is a major component of design. That is what first draws the attention of the user’s site. Perhaps a simple user and not be able to clearly articulate the reason for their discomfort when referring to such an imbalanced in the color on the page, but once again he looked at her, alas, will not go. And the blame will be the designer. I want to offer their vision (totally original) of what should rely, in determining the palette page design. Mood.

Color pages and elements should create an atmosphere of the site coming from its content. Member since first sight, not even vniknuv the content of the content must feel about what will be discussed. Talk about specific colors in this case, I believe, is meaningless. We all know the woman’s expression of “tissue jaunty colors. Yes, it is coloring, ie, complex combination of colors creates a customized page. In practical terms, there should not talk about color as such, but the combination of colors, their brightness and contrast. Lack of contrast creates a sense of languor and feebleness design. exactly the same way as the absence of elastic muscle gives us an insight into lethargy of the body. Of course, if necessary, and this effect can take, but it is advisable to treat it consciously. Will not convert into dystrophic cheerful husky. In this case, be sure to remember the content. What exactly will it prevail? Text column, or, as often happens in the designer’s sites, pictures and screenshots of pages? At such sites design desirable unobtrusive, neutral, not distracting the same screenshots that are in themselves already have a certain mood.