Annual Flowers

Annual flowers – annuals – mostly used for decorating the garden novice gardeners. And rightly so, because to create a harmonious concept of the garden, including flower beds – not a simple matter, once multi-flower threaten risky. Write annual flower garden is easier, but if you want to bloom lasted from spring to late fall, you need to start work in March – April. Some plants can simply sow the seeds for place the future of the flower bed and planted some seedlings. To pick flowers to bloom with the time frame, height, color gamut. Most often used for annual flower beds asters, marigolds (tagetes), cornflowers, calendula, cosmos, nasturtium, petunias, lavateru, salvia, sweet-scented tobacco.

I would especially like to draw your attention to the nasturtium. Flowers and leaves of this plant are edible, very tasty and useful. Nasturtium is not whimsical. It will grow in the shade, paving around-trunk circle under the trees, climb on the slatted fence, flowering stage will hang suspended from the pot, quickly fill the void on a bed with a rarely planted tall perennials or after flowering bulbs – daffodils, tulips). Must grow marigolds (tagetes). Bright and cheerful, they are literally infect their optimism, fill the garden scent that repels pests of vegetable crops – aphids butterflies, moths, flies, and even the Colorado potato beetle.

Marigolds bloom from spring until late autumn. And do not forget about Petunia. One petunia different colors and shades can brighten your garden. Easy-care plant does not require that only regular watering. Petunia can accommodate anywhere.