In its uprising after the publication in Wikileaks of secret documents of intelligence, the White House said that the EE.UU are taking " measures enrgicas" in order to find the people in charge of it is filtration of information. " The United States clasificada&quot energetically condemns the illegal spreading of information; , it was announced of Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the USA. " This information puts in risk the life of the people, threatens our national security and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve problems comunes". Clinton also said that " This declaration is not only an attack to political interests of the United States in the outside. Internacional&quot is an attack to the community;.

The alliances and associations, the conversations and negotiations on the security and the world-wide prosperity as well as the economic progress varn remarkably affected by this official notice. More than 250,000 classified documents WikiLeaks and its contents shared with several were obtained by newspapers and newspapers worldwide, including The Guardian in the United Kingdom and acclaimed New York Times. The Web site affirms that it published the information to reveal the contradictions between which the United States shows the public and what it says behind closed doors. Hillary Clinton responded to the previous thing: " I want to make clear, our official foreign policy does not settle down through these mensajes". " Our policy is a subject of public interest, as it is anywhere in the world reflected in our declarations and our actions ". In addition it added: " There is nothing no praiseworthy on putting in danger to people inocentes" , supposing that there is nothing no brave on sabotaging the pacific relations between the nations on which the security of the USA depends to a great extent. In the middle of the done revelations until now (since still another classified necessary document delivery is pending), they are not the details of the pressure exerted on the EE.UU by the Arab states to take a quick preventive action against Iran before this Eastern country finishes developing nuclear weapons.