Google Docs

Excellent update of Google Docs Already the boys of Google docs are customary to the constant updates and new functionalities to us of this magnificent tool, like for example: many of you been removing you have left to the capacity to raise any file Google Docs. However, of more archives and of a variety of types of archives in a single place, one takes control more and more difficult to organize and to find quickly what one needs. Like result, sending an update for the view in document list, with the aim of doing easier to find, to explore and to share all stored archives 100% in the Web. First of all, a series of filters in this update is had addition, reason why it is easier to delimit the search by type, state of visibility, and other criteria. Also addition is had the classification as a matter of priority. The classification as a matter of priority works basically just as the one of the electronic mail of Gmail in the Tray of entrance, in which it considers one series of signals to put the most important archives in the part superior of the list. Also another criterion can be used, like the date of the last update or by the name of the file.

This update also improves the experience to explore and to sail by the archives. addition is had a panel of previous view in the right side of the document list, of way you can see a previous view in miniature, and other details of the file. And if the file is a video, he can begin to see directly from the panel of previous view. So that it is easier to see the photos, now he can make click on the magnifying glass in a photo abrir a viewfinder and to see a presentation in slides. Also he can observe the Folders of the left side have sustitudo itself by Collections.

The collections are designed to combine the best characteristics of the labels and folders. A file can live in several collections, as with the labels of Gmail. Collections also can be stored of hierarchic form, like the folders of its writing-desk. And, by all means, the collections can be shared, of equal way that share documents. Along with the improvement in the capacity to find a document quickly, also one has improved and simplified the interface. For example, to select several archives no longer it is necessary to mark the square of verification, it maintains the Ctrl key tight and only it does click in the archives that wish to select. That is not everything. Also they are working hard in the increase of the speed of the unfolding of the document list by means of the revision of back-ends, to make it more agile. Which remembers that you can implement of Google Apps totally integrated for his dominion, includes Google Docs.