Frank Stratmann

According to SGB V section 135a to dentists and doctors a QMS introduce. The confusion is great, the possibilities even bigger. Meschede, 07.12.2007 (pt) – the Agency practice total offers dentists a non-binding cost-benefit check for the introduction of a quality management system. Depending on the practice size and complexity of practice, the solution approaches for the doctors are different and must be taken into account during the planning. The legal requirement for dental practices according to section 135a SGB V are clear. Since November 17, 2006, the requirements for the implementation of the internal quality management for the dentists required in the paragraphs are also set. Thus marks the start of the forced introduction of a quality management system so criticized by many practices. The many open questions of the practice owner but still produce a distorted picture under the came.

So will the quality management in many places as necessary Bad or perceived as harassment, because the enormous amount of bureaucracy is expected. The result is a waiting position that occupy many practices and allow time to elapse, to deal with the quality of your own practice. The hope of quickly and cheaply making the introduction of a quality management system, when it’s almost too late, is not advisable. The practices that Act run the risk, to put the investment for a living quality in the sand. The most important question is forced to confront practices: How do I run a QMS? The question is why past! Introducing too fast in any case requires careful planning, which should consume but sometimes time and hidden costs. Especially if it relies solely on the paper solution. The effectiveness, in favor of a lived quality management system is a paper solution to zero.\”A quality management system alive and is not a dead paper in \”\” any folder dar \”, says Frank Stratmann by the Agency practice total.\”The dead object can be more successfully to operate\”, he adds and thus hits the nerve of wide discussion.