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With the deposit protection letter make no security deposit. offers you the lowest contribution to the market. Our annual fee is only 5.25% of the deposit to be paid. The minimum contribution is only 50 in the year. No joining fees, no membership fees, no hidden costs. Ingeniously simple simply ingenious. Compare, you will find a cheaper provider. Features: An application on a letter of deposit protection the tenant provides online instead of accumulating deposit.

After passing the credit test, which immediately appears on the screen, the lessee can submit the request for the letter of deposit protection. Shortly after he receives the guarantee certificate by mail and deposited them with the landlord as security. So the budget remains protected, because the letter will cost at the price performance winner each year just 5.25 per cent of the deposit. 500 euros rent and 1,500 euros deposit are 78,75 Euro a year – or 6.56 euros a month. The minimum contribution by 50 per year covers a Deposit up to 900 off. Should your deposit payable amount to more than 900, you can determine your exact year post with our deposit calculator. Strengths: The tenant remains liquid and he goes with the letter usually cheaper than with a possible rates of credit.

Also, personal credit limit does not affect how about with a guarantee by the Bank. In addition, the tenant is protected from a total loss of the deposit. offers significant cost savings with you as a tenant total a significant financial relief through the low yearly membership fee and landlords due to elimination of deposit protection. Weaknesses: The flat rate of are not re-invested. It serves as your deposit. There are more than 50 percent of the deposit after 10 years away. The deposit protection letter is no liability insurance. In case of damage initially pays the insurer the deposit on request to the landlord, the tenant’s money bring back but. Competitors: Competitors by are for example the Volksbanken and Euro deposit. Both sell also a deposit policy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with NY museums and gain more knowledge.. Euro deposit for example calculated 5.9 percent of the deposit, but at least 69 euros annually. The Volksbanken request to deposit amount staggered between four and ten percent. The German deposit cash calculated for their policy of AIG Europe 5 percent premium, as well as the first year $50 certificate fee and from the second year ten euro account maintenance fee. Comparison: who must charge his account due to the deposit, pays 11.85 percent interest so just 178 euro currently on average in the year. And if you choose a joint and several guarantee by the Bank for the deposit, with three percent guarantee Commission”count, so 45 Euro per year (plus handling charge). “Conclusion: the deposit flat of” is in comparison to the competitive price performance winner. No extra charges, no minimum term, anytime and even offers 14 days money-back guarantee. Also existing tenants can easily your deposit refund can be. But: lease protection letter are recommended only for tenants, which otherwise would have to borrow your bank to complete. offers you the lowest contribution to the market. Our annual fee is only 5.25% of the deposit to be paid. Minimum: 50 in the year. Compare, you will find a cheaper provider. M. Gold