Call Centers

So way avoids the use of the architecture of the Call-center hardware PBXs do not use the logic of the Call-center. For this reason, the requirements for initial investment costs for constructing a solution contact center-based computer telephony boards are considerably weaker than the decisions based on the PBX. The overall reliability of the whole complex is somewhat lower, but this is offset by the possibility of redundancy opportunity to acquire a double set of cards (for both internal and external lines), with full or partial backup. And in the first and the second solution, additional difficulties arise when extending the number of jobs of the operators or service when moving from one site to another. This difficulty lies in the fact that in addition to structured cabling to the premises call center is also necessary to telephone line. For this class of solutions of the requirement of "two sockets for one job" necessarily, as we recall, entails a higher cost of SCS organization twice. 3 VoIP Call-center development has led to that it became possible to transmit voice over data networks.

This effectively means that both data and voice transmission became possible to use the same transport network supporting data. Modern market trend is that all communications are combined on the basis of the IP protocol. The technology of voice over data networks eliminates the separate hardware platform for telephone connections and to use the transportation network data. Architecture Call-center solutions based on VoIP technology meets all the requirements of reliability, redundancy and construction distributed solutions. .