Business Online

Business, internet business, online business prosperity, financial freedom. Work from home business from home all of these are words that often we found on the net, MLM programs are just around the corner, all promising gains fabulous with a leverage that leaves short to Donald Trump, Buffet system. Paul Getty and in the very same Bill Gates the Lord Robert Kiyosaky in his book La Escuela de Negocios, strongly recommends starting in a marketing business network, where as, will teach you all the techniques of financial education so you can achieve your financial freedom in a short time and create residual income that could even be inheritable to your children. But then, do this kind of business for the network doesn’t work for most people? Statistically it has been shown that only 5% of the affiliates to a network make work effectively and leaflets that you can achieve contact, only 2% manage affiliate and of that 2% waiver you 1% or It is that after months in the multilevel you realize that you’ve only managed to maintain some few members that do not give you, or give you, so cherished financial freedom. Personally I am one of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people disillusioned with this business, after months of trying to overcome me financially and about to relinquish my MLM program, I gave the task to investigate thoroughly what was happening. My knowledge of business administration served me to apply a reengineering to my way of prospecting and try to win affiliates, through traditional methods and here is what I found: 1) was dealing with lists of prospects which engavetaba into folders by month and in numerical order, talked about my prospects of June, July, August. Etc. It sent mass mailings with the same text to 20 prospects at the same time, trying to sell the idea that this was the business of your life and that they spared their debts in a short time.