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Practical help of the consulting firm outlines the current issues and gives practical impetus to the optimization of classic tools in the campaign management Frankfurt are inadequate according to the business intelligence and CRM specialists, 03.02.2009 – today the company can address customers through numerous channels of the classic letter to mobile phones, to win them for their own products. Just this variety makes it increasingly difficult to operate a successful marketing companies. Finally, they must be able to provide the customers with the right product through the best channel at the right time. Just this requirement causes problems after a study of the consulting firm Altran becoming the marketing because the large number of possible product-customer channel combinations with the conventional methods of campaign management is no longer to deal with. As a result, the marketing efforts reach a lower success rate and the marketing potential are not sufficiently available. If I don’t know exactly,.

what affinity have certain customers to specific products and how I can address them most, is burned much money in the campaigns, problematizes the business manager Dr. Jorg Reinnarth by Altran. Against this background, the specialist for business intelligence and customer relationship management solutions has published a product-neutral and free practice aid for campaign management. It outlines the company’s current problems and gives practical impetus to the optimization. Because disabled tools are among the common causes that not enough can support innovative marketing strategies, the guide provides additional product-neutral support for the evaluation of demand-oriented systems for campaign management.

The company requires offensive marketing initiatives beyond the traditional advertising, which are characterized by accurate and product segments, customer needs and target group-oriented measures”the increasing intensity of competition in increasingly saturated markets, says Dr. Jorg Reinnarth. Because the risk that customers about multiple and contradictory-looking actions rather than the most profitable measure will addressed mountains carrying multiple campaigns for different products at the same time different target groups. The present conditions in the campaign management require rethinking both at the conceptual level and the selection of tools, because otherwise no sufficient profitability perspective is to implement and migrate customers due to the wrong address even upset”, says the consultant. The campaign management guide”is provided free under as a download. About Altran of Altran is a consulting and IT consulting company. We are focused on the topics of customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI). Our core competencies lie in the design, implementation and management of solutions for CRM and BI. With innovative concepts we support our customers automotive, finance, industry sectors, Life science and telecommunications. As a company of the Altran group, we are part of the largest innovations-consulting network of Europe with 17,500 consultants.