Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers – one of the most popular dog breeds today. This breed love both adults and children. And not without reason after all, the breed is the Yorkshire Terrier is a lap dog, which, even in urban apartment did not distress you. Lovely mordashka Yorkshire terrier is a smile and affection. This lively, playful dog will not make you bored. Children from her ecstatic.

Yorkshire Terrier looks like a little girl alive toy. A child can safely play with the dog without worrying that she would bite. Yorkies are harmless, the puppy will not harm your baby. On the contrary, they quickly make friends and will play together. Puppies for sale Yorkshire terrier is very common nowadays. In most cases this is due to the fact that the owners of large breeds are faced with problems such as: aggression dogs, cleaning wool, paddock only defined territory, takes place in an apartment is not safe for children. Contain a large breed dog is not only not beneficial, and even dangerous.

Especially if the kids in the house. Therefore, the Yorkshire terrier – the right decision for City apartment with the children. He does not give you hassle, and besides, the children themselves want to care for such a nice dog. For them, it’s not even a duty, but a game. The appearance of your home a puppy will help inculcate in children a sense of responsibility and care for their neighbors. If you decide to buy a Yorkshire terrier puppy, you should contact the nursery York. Where you not only represent purebred Yorkshire, but will advise how to care for them. Can also view photos and prices of potential pets. Of course, the Yorkshire terrier is no doubt a very beautiful dog, so it requires some care. Their long hair, delivered to them the beauty and charm needs special care. If you do not want to burden itself, then the Yorkshire terrier can be shaved. Haircut yorkshire terrier looks very pretty even. Another advantage of this cute dog is that it does not need walk, she can handle their own affairs in the cat’s tray with newspapers. These clean animals and will quickly adapt to “walk” where necessary. Plant a friend, remember that he needs your love and care. He will answer you for that its devotion.