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Organizers of the action plan to bring to dog owners about the need to remove the waste products of their animals while walking on the lawns, parks and other places. It is planned that the shares will be attended by about 100 people and about the same dogs. All dogs participating in the rally will receive from the organizers of the special bright overalls. It should be noted that such actions are actively pursued in the Russian capital last year. Then in Moscow launched a project 'Net lawn' which aims to cause a public outcry over environmental waste products of domestic animals for the urban environment and attract attention, first of all pet owners. The city began to appear more social advertising in parks and squares appeared boxes and boxes of paper bags for cleaning for pets. Scientists have unraveled the mystery of origin of the unique wildlife of Madagascar until recently it was unclear why the fourth-largest island of Madagascar, about 80% of the animals are not found anywhere else in the world. But more and more scientists interested in the question: how did these representatives of the unique fauna came to the island Madagascar, which separated from Africa much earlier than the emergence of terrestrial animals. Curtain of secrecy lifted the scientists, paleontologists. According to recent studies, this contributed to ocean currents on their way accurately from the mainland to the island, which helped members of the animal world to move to Madagascar, clinging to floating trees. Such a 'journey' takes in animals for about a month. As researchers found, first on the island moved lemurs, then similar to hedgehogs small animals, and the last – carnivores and rodents. Scientists have also refuted the theory that the animals could cross over to a certain 'isthmus'. This explains the absence of Madagascar in many animal species common to Africa – antelopes, monkeys, elephants, lions, as these African animals have been too heavy to swim to the island. Photofact week: Ten species on the brink of survival in 2010 Snake patterns, and each year the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) publishes a list of ten species on our planet, which this year could face extinction from the face of the earth Last week we presented photofact Year 2010: Ten species on the brink of survival, in which show and tell, about ten species, which could face extinction in 2010. And how do you feel about snakes? We are confident that the majority of our readers do not like these living beings. Yes, snakes are often disgust among the people, many people are simply afraid of panic. But the snake – a graceful and beautiful creatures. Serpentshrine art rich variety of colors and patterns that nature awarded these scaly reptiles squad. Must see unique pictures of snake patterns in our photofact.