World Heritage List

Minsk (Belarus) -40C Famous for its friendly citizens, clean streets and green parks, Minsk has one huge advantage – the streets are the crowds of tourists, but nevertheless, there is something to see. Minsk Circus certainly deserves attention, especially here like children. Adults can attend an opera or ballet tickets to Minsk cost much less than in many European cities. Belarusians love to have fun, so be sure to visit a nightclub or even a few, and do not forget to wear dancing shoes.

4. Ottawa (Canada)-37C Canadians are accustomed to cold, so they use the icy weather, the best way – do hockey national sport. Go to the game at the stadium Scotiabank Place, small home Ottawa Senators – Ottawa’s professional hockey team. If you are a fan of sports, you can go on the ice on the Rideau Canal, the first in Ontario to a World Heritage List. Channel meanders, crosses the city and is the world’s largest natural ice rink winter.

5. Helsinki (Finland)-33C Hot,” the capital of Finland is surrounded by sea and vast archipelago, Helsinki because is a combination of Nordic elegance and magnificent natural beauty. The Baltic Sea freezes in the middle of winter, and you can even take a ride on it on skates. If you like the snow, take rent a pair of skis and go to Central Park. And if you stand by this courage and join the team camp in winter swimmers Rastila, only there you can cool off in earnest. 6. Bucharest (Romania)-32C Bucharest can be quite unfriendly in the winter, but with the arrival of spring city “melts” and becomes a popular place to visit for the pioneers. It is also called “Little Paris”, but you are surprised to find that prices are much lower than in the French capital. Nevertheless, Bucharest offers visitors an intriguing mix of neoclassical architecture, romantic old town and the imposing buildings of the communist era, those who remained with a time when Romania was under communist control.