United States Samples

Offerings are quite similar to discount coupons only have less complicity, lack that proximity with the potential client. The deals, bargains, bargains, play an important role in capturing new customers or buscachollos who like the process prior to the purchase which seek and compare quality and price through different sources of information (Consolidators of prices, offers and discounts, websites etc). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rudy Giuliani. Free samples: involve a major effort for the company offering them and important infrastructure needs on many occasions by which are limited companies that offer free samples in Spain. However, samples free are an investment in branding to take into account who receives a sample in a mailbox is not forgotten most of that product and that brand, influencing the future in the purchase decision process. 51% Of Spanish consumers is influenced when buying by the free samples that have been received.(2) Some of the drawbacks resulting from the implementation of this type of strategies lie in existing legislation or the not being able to cope with all requests that may be received, errors in the interpretation of this type of promotions by consumers that could lead to the opposite effect (loss of prestige of the company, product and brand). Etc. In United States is much more widespread use of samples free to advertise new products of well-known brands.

Free sample is perfectly complemented by the online business, why its use is growing since it allows to complement digital with concrete or tangible. From here it is seasoning the strategy of sending samples with multiple resources that we have in company as customer databases, market studies and also with resources that provide us with new technologies through the internet, cell phones, etc. Collective buying sites: they are booming (Groupon, Groupalia, etc.) and although every day we see more clones of the business model, it seems that for the moment they have not reached the curve of stagnation.