United States

All these wonderful markets exist only until Christmas, then they are rolled up. Learn more at this site: best bars in New York. New Year's Eve they pass quietly and not noticeable. New Year in Germany to celebrate with friends. So, if Christmas is almost all Germans gather at the family hearth, the children come to their parents, then on New Year's plans typically do not build. It is celebrated as given. In the United States as Christmas is a major holiday.

Very interesting to note here Christmas. They begin to celebrate almost a month before Christmas comes. All trees are decorated with lights, and they are beautifully lit at night. The shops are arranged sales. And the Christmas spirit lasts for a month. Christmas in America celebrate December 25. The Americans are also a family holiday, everyone is trying to fly, come home, or family to travel.

Before holidays, all airports are filled with a lot of meet, and returning home, all the parking lots near the airport are clogged, many cars and a taxi stand at the door, offering their assistance. New Year in America – a minor holiday. Typically, hosts concerts, sing, people dance. But the main part of the celebration, when it's New Year's Eve, from the sky drops New Year, for example, 2008, and when it relates to what – the lowest point, the year begins. Go back countdown, everyone starts counting from 10,9,8 and that's when one, New Year came, all joyously shouting, congratulate a friend – a friend and then go to a restaurant. In India, the tradition of celebrating the New Year reminds Ukrainian festivals. Here Christmas night with fireworks stretched to 4-8 in the morning. Usually begin to celebrate Christmas 24 numbers, people are festive, beautifully dressed and go to church. Christians here are decorated home, put the Christmas tree, and December 25 are invited to a lot of guests. In India Christmas is celebrated so widely, although it is a Christian holiday, these days are declared national holidays. New Year in India's youth celebrate as we do, goes for a walk, have fun, dance, run everywhere fireworks, the streets filled with people. Gifts to India, as a rule do not put under the tree, except that the children are small we launched, such as candy. Last year, I celebrated the New Year in Kiev with my friends. We thought a lot about how to Note that it memorable. In the end – all decided to take a limousine to hire, fill out a bar, and ride through the city. We stopped by all the interesting places in Kiev, has got a good driver that made us a tour of the capital. New Year's Eve, we met about a limousine, with glasses of champagne, and Bengal flames in his hands. After we congratulated all the passers-by, and a number are people who scream enough, we went to the disco. There was festive atmosphere. All around congratulating each other, drinking, dancing or just talking. After this celebration, I realized that the need to celebrate the holidays so that they remember for a long time, more permanently. I wish you celebrate this new year of fun and memorable, but in the new year, good luck and interesting, a lot of pleasant and wonderful discoveries.