United Nations

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Second document, divulged for the BIRD in the day (10.05.06) during 14 sessoda Commission of United Nations on the sustainable development in New York Osprincipais polluting continues being the countries richest, in ranking dessacontribuio is the United States with 24% of the total and of the zone of euro, com10%. New York museums: the source for more info. This exactly report sample that the countries richest consume more dametade of the energy produced in the world. In the current days the temdemonstrado experience, for some evidences, that the agronegcio is a eficienteinstrumento of allocation of resources, but on the other hand a perverse manager dasdisparidades> social. To communicate the urgency sense that would have to inspire asmudanas in the direction of the desired support is task of all. Competeprincipalmente to the public power, that in the case of Brazil prioritizes the globalizaocompetitiva without the predominance of the cooperation and solidarity.