Travel Within Barcelona:

Practical information for tourists and business travelers in Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, is a town planned for pedestrians. It is easy to find in the city to find right and the main attractions, the business district, parks and places. Therefore, there is always value to rent a hotel in Barcelona or a holiday apartment in Barcelona. For those visitors who want to learn about the city but would not run, Barcelona offers an extensive transport network in urban transport. Visitors can choose between the Metro, buses, trains, trams and the F.G.C. (rail network). The transport network in the city is connected to each other, so that you can easily switch between different means of transport.

The price within the city area is everywhere the same. Most public transport are clock from 5 to 0. For the hours in between, there are the Nitbus (night bus), which runs from 10: 00 till 5 in the morning. Tickets are purchased in advance at the ticket machines on Metro, bus stops, shops and kiosks. These tickets are needed then input each Metro in the barriers at the outset, to get into the Metro. There are a number of different tickets.

A single ticket to the ticket of the month, visitors can choose freely. The simplest is the single ride ticket. This costs the traveler 1.40 (prices may vary) to buy a ride on an arbitrary Verkahrsmittel. It is possible to use another means of transport to complete the journey, for example only with the Metro and then take the bus to drive, provided they need no longer than 1 h 15. So they can change metro lines unless they leave the transport system. Every time the Metro exit and again go into, this is regarded as his separate trip. It is not possible to enter the Metro station without first passing through the barriers. To save money, it is worth to purchase an additional ticket. The best of them is the T10 ticket. This allows them when and which want to make it 10 trips. The current rate is 7.85 euros. So much cheaper than the single ticket. You can also use the ticket with each other as often. Who needs as only 5 rides with his partner, is well served by the T10. Who stays longer in the city, for a monthly pass worthwhile T-MES. Thus, you can travel any number of times in a month. It costs around 48 euros. Very good conditions, you can use also the Barcelona card. It includes transportation as often as they want. Even from the airport, is to use the ticket and gives free admission to many attractions and discounts at restaurants. These can be purchased only by tourists at tourist centers or online. It cost 26 euros for two and 42 for five days for adults and less for children. All in all it makes Barcelona a fairly easy to make his holiday simply and effectively.