The Light Of The Sabin

Hello Pertile. Look, the issue is also, apparently the WP is based on that of “the good, if brief, twice good” and in Spanish as in wp exaggeration in that. All the articles are cortitos (for those who see the glass half full, are … in short order). Look at the English WP, it stretches and stretches until the ridiculous, but one of the good suggestions that wp is not a paper encyclopedia, so no need to be brief, one can expand all you want . The theme of light, I do not think that it’s not like walking around complaining about what was done wrong, but rather to give examples of how things are – and who knows, some travelers who are planning their vacations and read a light in the Sabin, maybe not grab surprise ). That suggestion Tarag i can be more successful.
Besides you have to understand something of the wikipedia, and that is that you write articles that do not belong. Are not your children and if someone is not editing the offense. can agree or not, nor is it to get to mourn at the site of another user. Example “a guy who does not understand that it is wrong what is being Resistencia (Chaco) urban design and even removed it and gave a nice explanation to him.” Perdon ‘correct you: there is a boy who Apparently not mean that I think it is wrong what is being Resistencia (Chaco) urban design and even removed it and gave a nice explanation to him. “In addition, explanations for the kind (thankfully) are not evidence for things like: “not to do (if block, warn, or idea), look at history and you see what I say.” SEEE …. Or let’s be a bit less fascist and a little chat more, and come to other arrangement.
Yes, I too am (was) in the ISI and that affects the people, so very careful when we have these in the real world (note: WP is the real world) and when those in the UTN, which is an alternative universe Clearly, knowledge is not worth it but the important thing is the range of each – or suck mean you’re capable of. It looks that you are a clever type, and I can attest to the fact that most, eventhe teachers do not have the UTN FRRE mas puta idea of what is a benchmark and are convinced that Java is useless.
And another tip, beware of the subject of the rules in wikipedia. It is very sad to see how the users are becoming police officers to apply their opinion and not allowing others to modify. That scares the newbies (who are few in Spanish above), so I thought if you really need a reverse item. For example, I will give my opinion. I try to stay neutral, and as my politics (which is clearly not the same as that of wikipedia – or for that matter, that the cops want wikipedians implement), I will not delete a complete change. In any case, the edit, shorten, extend, etc. as necessary. Not you, but I find it shocking that someone, because it has a higher rank (because it is here or longer), I come and erase everything and that is only to decide that this is not an encyclopedia . – Hjf 04:57 21 Jan 2006 (CET)
Did you see any means talking about ‘Then if I get a camera bag and some photos.
Regarding the UTN, I maintain my opinion, maybe 2 or 3 of the teachers know the subjects more specific topic (eg torossi is passable – Java in the Annex ), but the truth is that I can give many examples, such as to “some teachers” of the UTN calling a friend to sell inputs to networks asking:
“Hey … look, you got it U TE PE ‘” as a kindergarten teacher, “If I have the AMP” says my sidekick “NO, NO, TE PE U!” “Yes sir, UTP AMP, that is the mark” aaaaaaah “…
Campia or old (that spot for one of these assistants chupamedias …) “Those who disapproved nomas”no no no, correct again, you know that most have to go wrong.”
that is, with that right ‘that there is need for well cagarte life’ so I say that is a bag of cats that power. and those that are received, most of them are conformists crotos to keep their title and are not able to enter or slashdot Slashdot to upgrade and putean to learn programming because most of the new books are in English. because many of those could be really good at the subject, because it’s too discouraged, you got up to break my ass studying for 8 or 10 subjects per year, none of the teachers help, you got to learn about things by mouth of the other (because there are very few who have the generosity of hitting something on the panels below), the materials do not fall within the time that must be given (for example, it is clear that architecture is not in Semester 1, and when course only gave me half of things.

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