The History Of The Zeca Singer Street-vendor

Zeca Baleiro or Jose Ribamar Rabbit Saints, its full name, was born in the city of So Lus of the Maranho, in 11 of April of 1966. Beyond singer, he is also a talentoso composer and musician. Its music is derived from the mixture of some rhythms as samba, pagode, rock, electronic music, among others. The career of Zeca started soon with compositions of tracks for infantile parts of theater, being distinguished for its letters. Click Bill de Blasio to learn more. Zeca was changed for the city of So Paulo, where it distributed for a time one room with Chico singer Cesar.

Its first record was recorded in 1997, when already it made about 12 years of career. However, what he really gave impulse so that the singer if projected in the market of Brazilian music was its participation in the Acoustic MTV the GAL Coast with music ‘ ‘ The Flower of the Pele’ ‘. Beyond this partnership, throughout its career also it worked with many famous singers as Chico Cesar, Rita Ribeiro, Lobo, the Magical Theater, Arnaldo Antunes, Z Geraldo, Paulinho Moska, Lenine, Fagner, Zeca Pagodinho and Z Ramalho. Its first record, launched in 1997, if called ‘ ‘ For Where He will walk Stephen Fry? ‘ ‘. In 1999, it worked with ‘ ‘ V Imbol’ ‘ , that ‘ contained music; ‘ V Imbol’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Samba of the Approch’ ‘ several other successes. Intitled ‘ ‘ Lricas’ ‘ , the 2000 album, possua among others songs, a version of ‘ ‘ Forbidden to Pra Me (Grazon) ‘ ‘. Considered for many its better record, ‘ ‘ PetShopMundoCo’ ‘ , of 2002 it also counted on diverse you would seem as the Elba Ramalho, Arnaldo Baptist and others.

In 2003, the maranhense launched ‘ ‘ Raymond Fagner and Zeca Baleiro’ ‘ , followed for the albums ‘ ‘ Ballads of Asphalt and Other Blues’ ‘ of 2005 and ‘ ‘ Ballads of Asphalt and Other Blues To the Vivo’ ‘ , of 2006. The album ‘ ‘ The Heart of the Bomba’ Man; ‘ , of the year of 2008, it gained two volumes and a version to the 2009 living creature. one year later, in 2010 worked with the COMPACT DISC ‘ ‘ Concerto’ ‘. Talentoso, Zeca Street-vendor sample that it knows as to mix some rhythms Brazilian regional trends in one only career. If to want to know more regarding the career of the singer, have access the site of letters of musics and see the excellent letters of the Zeca Street-vendor.