The Country Needs Harmony

But further, proclaiming that the country needs harmony, understanding, peace, social transformation without outrage. The letter obviously was not understood by his former teammate party who took to foist all kinds of insults, but neither obtuse opposition which launched the same way. The latter he calls the governor Falcon your ad to stay in the revolutionary process or assurance that the treatment with the leader is to tell the truth. They do not understand. The maverick governor could not cause the breakup. With the immense political skill that has shown must also have had it very clear that dialogue and peace that was claimed to be answered with a catapult of hatred. So is the dictator and the conditions that produce the rupture, not him.

That gives a immense moral power over a country that does not think again, it’s true, but that ultimately can be understood. The other argument used by the obtuse is that of Francisco Arias Cardenas, a former commander Chavez mate became opposition presidential candidate, was defeated and then gently returned to the ranks of government where Christianize a was pardoned by the head supreme. This trauma seems internalized by a portion of the population. Here is what happened: Arias was honest in his opposition, he kept his job, lost and fell in absolute oblivion and neglect the most painful. He had no skin to withstand such a situation I can imagine including a difficult economic situation. In this situation he sought to draw closer to his old friend in the name of that friendship was received and incorporated it into his government, with Minister of Foreign Affairs today.