The B & O Senior Center In Bruhl Opts For Future

Energy costs of lighting a senior residence by up to 89 percent lowered Klaus and Jurgen Oldewurtel, both Director and Managing Director of the B & O Senior Center in Bruhl in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, forward: in the course of an initial energy consultation carried out by the engineering firm of Thomson the RK energy consulting based in Mosbach has completed there optimal light to the end of February 2013. Now proven up to 89% of the lighting energy be saved since then, depending on the area. In this case, this means a reduction of cost of about 23,000 per year, alone, that the existing lights to LED technology have been rebuilt. Due to these savings, the investment pays for itself within one short year. Furthermore the environment reduces CO m per year through this measure almost 69.8 tonnes! As Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, owner of the RK energy consultancy, points out, the compact fluorescent lamps used here for the most part on LED technology were converted, without changing the actual lamps optically or even to replace completely. This could be waived even large measures on the building itself. This was sure that the light intensity was maintained. At the same time you chose a lower color temperature to create a still behaglichere atmosphere for the residents in those spaces. (Ralph Thomas Kalil)