The Art

There will be lots of repetition of the sounds your baby makes. It is important to always meet "aoh baby!" And "ahhs" and other communication methods you are using – respond with their tone of voice. This is your opportunity to have a "chat time" with your baby and you should take advantage of these times? you are helping to discover the art of conversation. There will be certain times when your baby may not be in the mood to talk. It will turn their head the other way and can put his arm over his face. It may be showing signs of anger or frustration by crying, especially if something is taken away. Five months. As the month progresses you will find that your baby is getting better in communication.

It is possible that you will realize how to imitate some sounds and gestures. For now most likely be able to tell if he's happy or sad. When attention is wanted her baby to babble is given the attention he feels he deserves. Interestingly, if ever respond to your communication efforts (whatever they are) to be repeated every time you want to your attention in this way. During this month is likely that your baby will be looking at moving his mouth while talking. Talk to him across the room and will be able to find easily. a l is learning to control his vocal sounds, while observing its response to sounds. Six months. Your baby may be using consonant-vowel combinations.