The Agreement

It only took me a couple of weeks to abandon this plan and return to trading. I was sure I had natural talent to be a successful entrepreneur constant, what I needed, I thought it was some support. Support for allowing me the great loss of days to financially cripple me. I went to a company that traders knew flat on the floor and agreed to back me with 20,000 of trading capital. We split profits 60:40 and set a first threshold of daily loss of 500 pounds. If I hit my limit of 500 plant manager of the company and I would say they go home. The third day trading I lost about 3500 and nothing happened, nobody came to ask me to stop trade. I felt very silly, but continued to trade for the rest of the week, avoiding any contact with the plant manager.

The following Monday (the week's losses had totaled about 5000) I received a message to meet with the director with whom he had made the agreement (it was known to have been absent the previous week). I was sure was going to say that the deal was off. However, to my surprise, he told me how important it was that you could trust me, I had to know that when the market was volatile he could trust me not to make up large losses. He suggested I start again. Needless to say, I was relieved and grateful. So I went back to the trading pit that morning with the intention determined not to lose more than 500 pounds.