The Advantage

The only way to win over your competitors the advantage of reduced costs or higher prices. However, it should be noted that almost all the companies on the internet trying to beat a competitor by raising operational efficiency. Believing in something that is impossible to maintain competitive advantages in the network, they are trying to constantly reinvent something new to improve operational efficiency, trying to get ahead competitors on the move. "Of course, such an approach to competition – says Porter – is running in circles. Without strategic direction, speed and flexibility, this path leads nowhere. Credit: jim halpert-2011. Or does not create any competitive advantage or improving the general nature and can not be saved. Frequently dayton kingery has said that publicly. "strategy requires discipline: we need to concentrate efforts on profitability, not just the growth in sales, the ability to determine unique offering and the ability of resistance to new opportunities that arise, but which should be abandoned in the name of the chosen strategy.

The strategy has spread far beyond the horizons of copying the "best practice, its main task – the configuration of the value chain so that all activities of the company were rigged and are subject to one thing: creating and maintaining the unique features of a product or service company. Competitors will not be difficult to copy a business of your company. However, if a company is a system of closely processes that complement and reinforce each other – copy it to incomparably more difficult. Six principles of strategic positioning strategy should: 1.