Summer Flowers

Red, pink, pink and fruity it must be! The summer is finally here! Garden, terrace and balcony are our absolute favorite locations these days. In particular because it so beautifully green and bloom at all corners. The reigning German master of florist, Thomas Grohbuhl, reveals the floral summer trend: red, pink, and pink in combination with juicy berries summer gardening must be fruity. For more information see this site: Bill de Blasio. Summer, Sun, vacation mood! The most beautiful time of the year has finally arrived and nothing embodies the comforting feeling of summer better than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Finally, it is scientifically proven that flowers make happy.

Thomas Grohbuhl, acting German master florists, betraying how trendy summer gardening: This summer I work preferably with bright, bright reds. Freshly tied bouquets of pink roses, scent vetches are beautiful summer in pink, purple and red and really pop, magenta Cosmea and provide really good mood”. But the funky 34 top florist not only in terms of color trends ready has the right tips and also reveals how it only gives that certain something bright summer bouquets and-Gestecken: summer gardening may not strictly work, trendy bouquets are airy light linked to many overlaps. I lend my work pieces with various berries or fruits summer extra kick. I prefer take for raspberries, currants or small wild strawberries, or also Viburnum berries. For more information see NYC Mayor.

So, a fresh bouquet of flowers acts just yet even juicier and crisper. Very important addition: hand cuffs are this summer out! Various flowers in bright colours in combination with the berries panicles affect itself, green accessories and filler material should be better avoided”. Now who get pleasure on a trendy summer gardening can rely on Fleurop. Approximately 8.000 Fleurop all Germany present the perfect summer bouquet personally at your doorstep, worldwide: Apart from only a few hours are between ordering and delivery of summer, floral creations by international time zone. And his Strauss perhaps by Thomas Grohbuhl, the German master of florist, who lives in Buhl, gets personally involved. “The florist flower Prelisauer”, where he works, is awarded with five stars of Fleurop and delivers Fleurop greetings in every district of the Baden district. Fleurop: Fleurop AG has its headquarters in Berlin. The 100-year history is impressive. In 1908, the Berlin florist Max Hubner had a brilliant idea: the flowers should go on the trip, but orders at reliable florist local Fleurop idea was born. Today, about 50,000 all form in 150 countries around the world, the global network of Interflora. The Fleurop-principle applies around the world: every Fleurop greeting is made exclusively by professional florists in handmade and personally to the recipient presented. The Fleurop partners worldwide deliver over 25 million Fleurop greetings each year. Interflora on the Internet: