Strawberry Jam

A guide, unaware that to pack who shatterproof preserved food? Since you are looking forward to the package from Aunt Erna, who again made their delicious Strawberry Jam and then only shards jam arrives. Hence aunt Erna in future shatterproof can pack their cooked foods or other fragile items, here is a small Guide: the glass or the fragile object should be wrapped in a freezer bag. This is used, that should be the glass for some unknown reason but broke that fly around shards in the carton, but remain pretty good in the bag. Of course this also applies to the liquids may be contained. Then wrapping the foam glass. Increase the impact resistance of glass, because the foam absorbs the shocks and does not share therefore the glass they.

The sturdy cardboard box should be filled with packing chips. Get in the middle of packing chips wrapped glass and there will be more packaging chips on the given wrapped glass, so that it was covered entirely of them. The box is closed firmly. Either with a stable package tape, tear-resistant adhesive tape or to strapping tapes. The carton is brought to the post office and a few days later also the grandson of the delicious jam, without packaging disaster forward.

As you can see, these instructions are really easy. So everything is done by the Packers in any case, so that the cargo arrives safely and in all parts of the receiver. Of course, there are other ways. So you can take air cushion instead of packing chips or to send glasses in special glass boxes. No limit, the possibilities are endless here, one has to deal just with the subject matter. Katharina Meier