Spectacular Turning Point

The Deggendorf District Court has ordered his decision by the 26.09.2013 finally a control supervisor for the 87 former millionaire Georg Luxi. Thus, the supervisor ordered by the Court may revoke the companion of disappeared over two and a half years 87 man’s now their power of attorney. Georg Luxi has become finally due to the abuse of him – apparently no longer in full possession of his faculties – granted health care proxy to the charity case. The authorized companion had been withdrawn last the usufruct right to its only remaining asset, a condo in Deggendorf, the man in the context of their power of attorney. When the court date on the 26.09.2013, the companion confirmed that she has done in recent months any sums of money to the impoverished Georg Luxi. The Court speaks in his decision very clearly by an abuse of the power of attorney.

The case of the former Bavarian millionaire made headlines nationwide. The now 87-year-old man was over two and a half years disappeared and then suddenly reappeared early June 2013 at a hospital near his former residence. He was from his girlfriend abroad in homeless accommodation is been spent and most recently been housed in a hospital in the Czech Klatovy (Klattau). In the course of their research activities the Kester-Haley Foundation deals with their care Law Institute for years intensively with legal issues and case law and legislation in the field of childcare law. The case of Luxi is exemplary for the lawyers of the Foundation due to the many errors in the creation of the health care proxy.

It also shows that form sets, which are used by notaries or come from government ministries of Justice completely misjudge the practice problems..