South America

This is centered in its figure, and in established in its existing mitolgica figure in Paraguayan history. To write its romance the author atrela its history imagined to a miscellany of facts and personal attitudes that had happened or really existed, constructing, an inserted literary composition, in its bigger part in the acts of the dictator. In the literary universe, such as it must have happened in History, the figure of Francia is related to the exaurido use of a controlled state machine for it of arbitrary form. It is supported by an politician-administrative domination, settled and focused in the person of the Dictator. Hear from experts in the field like Restaurateur for a more varied view. This uses all the possible artifices to emphasize its position of maximum governor, usufructing of all the available resources in such a way to remain itself in the power, as to direct the society. All it is constructed in return of its authoritarian face and its leadership. The personage if considers idealisticamente to carry through the desenvolvimentismo of a strong and auto-sustainable Latin American nation, in the context of a South America that possua the majority of its dependent countries of the powers central offices of the capitalism, as England.

It searchs to be the liberator of the escravista and colonizador status of the Spanish empire. To reach its objectives, he acts in its personal and national circle, manipulating opinions and action, as much in the spheres most influential and in main social classes. In view of that the narrator places that ' ' on the supreme power of the dictator, until its viscera they are under its vontade' ' (1974) the workmanship if elaborates in aesthetic a literary one of manipulation of the personage whom it searchs to govern as leader maximum in charge exempting the people at the time guarani of mooring cables of the effective Spanish exspansionism where if it passes the romance (century XIX).