Smoking in the Workplace

Ban smoking in the workplace – a major challenge for most employers. And everyone decides its own methods. Someone fined for smoking in the workplace, someone on the contrary, a non-smoker pays extra employees, and Some employers do try not to hire smokers. Such actions are completely justified, since smoking in the workplace causes any significant economic damage to the organization. Firstly, this payment Sick: according to studies of risks from various addictions, people who smoked one or more packs of cigarettes a day for 18% more likely to request to pay for a newsletter, than nonsmokers; inveterate smokers to 25% more likely to require outpatient treatment and 29% more likely than nonsmokers to request the payment of ballots. Secondly because of the endless suffering smoke breaks labor efficiency: it is estimated that a heavy smoker spends on the job for about two hours on a smoke break.

For damages caused by smoking in the workplace, it is worth adding increased costs to the organization of repairs of expensive equipment, which tobacco smoke causes significant harm, and the cleaning of premises in which smoking employees. In addition, smoking in the workplace significantly affects the ecology of production facilities and offices, causing irritation of smoking employees adversely affected their health (long ago proved that passive smoking is as dangerous as active). Thus, liberalism on the issue of smoking in the workplace can result in a deterioration of economic indicators. That is why more and more managers today are not limited to a simple ban on smoking in the workplace, and develop and implement the whole program, aimed at fighting smoking and promoting healthy lifestyles.