Small Subjects

It prevents to menosprezar small subjects, therefore from a small hole of an ant it can pull down a dam. We observe in the quarrels day to day provoked by so small facts, as the clothes placed in the inadequate place, a small gesture, lack of patience or insatisfaes in the work or the life provoked for our attitudes most of the time, atreladas in our stubbornness, vanity, egoism or attachment. Chord for its reality, after all when we place love in most humble of the gestures of our life, everything modifies. People will go to smile more for you, happiness doors will open, facts will be attracted in tune with the new energy provoked for the love, since chances of work until real necessities of harmony in the home and the family.

> It heats with love the acts and it waits the moment certain to act, practises the patience in each act, facing the next one as my brother, in this tunning, will only happen protection, will sprout the generosity of the people its return and is prepared to receive, this exactly, prepares itself to hug the good things of the life. As well as the butterfly and the flower that bring the singeleza of the harmony, of the beauty, makes with that its life is a carpet of pretty flowers, received for butterflies of all the colors, as reflected of all the arisen feelings of a new reality where you are part and transform its world into a wonderful garden of expectations, hopes, chances of love, the concretion of the dreams prettiest and of the chance of growing with the happiness of the universe. The growth of this reality is in the concentration of the small actions of the daily one, launched quickly in the chain of the respect, the integration, the altruism, the harmony and of love to next and the all creature. The small subjects must be decided with intelligence, in compliance with the laws of the harmony in the construction of a society more joust and mainly for the construction of my life, to surprise my family and my friends for a reality repleta of happiness, in peace with the nature and of good with world. It believes that is real and it can be its life. One remembers that the planted seed does not sprout in the hour, but with the time, the plantation will be wonderful, because who is cultivating with all the love will be you! In intention to improve our life and all our return, we need to have the caution of that everything has its time and certain moment, but you it can wake up now, it transforms its day, it plants a smile in its face, becomes what it desires and it learns to believe its infinite potential that is to be LOVE. Debtor for you to be this LOVE!