Russian Black Terrier

Prince-Elisha – a Black Russian Terrier who weighs 70 kg., And, standing on its hind legs, can look at his boss down. He lives in Dobrich, and we can say is our full-fledged member of: his, dear readers, you seen at the celebration of Valentine's Day, this is it – a permanent person for all events and promotions organized by our company. There are two versions of the origin of breed Russian Black Terrier. On one of them – The breed has been bred in military kennel "Red Star" in the mid 40's for the protection of prisons and camps. And, indeed, the Black Terrier – an excellent keeper. It is perfectly dresiruetsya has a quiet steady temperament. The only problem is the same: black terrier – a dog of one owner. r additional information.

And this master he chooses for himself. Prince is no exception. Despite the fact that Tatiana (a specialist in advertising and public relations our company) feeds it heals cuts and washes, its owner said Kniazha wife Tatiana – Gregory, who obeys without question and very bored if "dad" for a long time no home. Prince was not only a party to various festivals and events, but the cause of many curious things. From Moscow to Sofia Kniazha his master rode on the train. Some contend that Central Park Conservancy shows great expertise in this. The road was long, and at stations Gregory deduced your pet on the street (according to different canine cases). In Bucharest, the train was supposed to stand for forty minutes, and our heroes calmly went for a walk.