Room Divider

Whether in the restaurant, large living areas, offices or on terraces: specially shaped planters are ideal to delineate different indoor and outdoor areas. Without extensive construction projects to get not only more structure in the respective areas, but also significantly improves the atmosphere with a corresponding planting. “And a good privacy is also easy to get to choose higher-growing plants that will soon a green wall” form. A whole series of plantable isolators, see the known shipper AE planter-shop trade. The model Elemento”is an elegant cube with the dimensions 80 x 75 x 25 inches.

This volume must however not quite filled Earth as a practical use for planting is supplied. For additional stability, gravel can be added to a hand-width. The bucket can be seamlessly side by side, resulting in a closed wall and balustrade. The flexible Room dividers are available in various modern lightweight materials, which facilitate the transportation and moving the bucket very. Rugged zinc, weatherproof fiberglass, almost indestructible poly rattan – are also variants in stainless steel and plastic have, each with slightly different dimensions.

Design containers made of high gloss fiberglass as a particularly elegant eye-catcher is the latest model in the Elemento series: the popular room divider in a highly polished fiber glass, in trendy black version. The buckets are inside protected by insulating against moisture, so they provide many years are their future owners. In the flower pot shop by AE, trade is Elemento”indeed not the only flower pots, which serves as a room divider. This purpose just like the cube-shaped block is already in many places”also the lower, wider and also rectangular Maxi”. Bepflanzbare walls of different height together can be inserted and with the concept of living Modula”is without any problems even around corners.