Romania Trips

Most amazing trips to never lacks proposals: from the great wall of China to an archaeological excavation in Jamila (in Castilla – La Mancha). The summer months are usually the most requested to travel with this doll 2.0, but gradually his agenda begins to fill up at other times of the year: there are fans who want to teach his own city. It also has proposals for travel with people who study abroad or travelling for work, says Angel Tellez, one of its creators. Increasingly more amazing trips in which is participating: by its remoteness, Thailand, China and Mauritius; for its history, Petra and Egypt; by mythic, Christmas in New York (rolling with Callejeros Viajeros), and Loch Ness has Tellez. Experiences such as touch instruments, visit museums, sports has lived, has known pets, she has sung in karaoke bars, has made several cruises and even pulled in paragliding.

This weekend opens a new facet in his travels: attend the wedding of a Galician in Leipzig (Germany). Beyond of the travel although can remember more than one to the garden GNOME traveler in the movie Amelie, the objective of This initiative goes far beyond travel and photographs. This not only doll carriers show cities and emblematic locations: encourage sports and hobbies and especially places that otherwise we would not have the curiosity to know are discovered. In addition to travel for pleasure, also found the solidarity and protest trips: traveled to Senegal with a cooperating and got into the camp of 15-M in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol. To request enough with enter on its web page and in the section requests propose a trip or stay in a specific city. It has more 100 proposals as Brazil, Korea, Tokyo, EE UU, Romania, Mexico, Bolivia, and various routes through Spain and Central America, say its creators. Only in 2011 has traveled more than 81,000 miles. And the ones who left him. The news source: , a snowman 2.0? it revolutionizes the concept of travel