Read Mindmaps – Against The Habit For Effectiveness

Why mindmaps are so effective and how you reading technology one can acquire as was there, the first time a mind map saw than you? Often scare readers who are confronted with a mind map before the unusual way the first time here as an overview was created. You feel somehow not exactly comfortable in the face of this new way of knowledge transfer. Overloading is however not exactly the best way to inspire someone for a revolutionary learning technique. On this page you will find out how it is without fear a Mindmapwidmet… Habits inhibit our potential habits obviously play a major role at this point.

The longer one is familiar with the usual “by left to right and by above after down notation”, the harder it is to adapt to new forms of representation. However, it is not so with all routines have become sweet? In this case, we’re sure we need to take any risk to expose in this case us. But at this point we can not grow as well and our potential better exploit. Now someone something totally new invents, he knows it is revolutionary. His recording type treated the brain as it would like to be treated. Tricky, as created for the interaction between the left and right half of the brain, effectively and efficiently… Other leaders such as Goop offer similar insights. And no one wants to use it. Tony Buzan had conceived the recording mode of the mindmapping and developed, he will have experienced similar concerns.Maybe it was me at one time even itself.

The proffered looked remarkably modern, alternative. But for me in any case in any way relevant. Mind maps encourage the mind… until I made once but a mind map about Mozart at a later date and thus placed the knowledge as a core statement of 15 textbook pages on a sheet of paper at this point, that some students could take the complete knowledge after only four minutes. The then Sechstklassler were by no means as much in their habits. They went with value judgment-free data only on those recording mode… and “photographed” branch for branch their views. So ranged only some seconds, to see the substance of knowledge. Images, colors, and oddly enough also the curved lines of the branches as also branches had apparently stimulating on the brain. The otherwise so many times neglected but significantly more powerful right brain had to do something here after all and thanked it with incredible memory services.