Quality Mattresses

Syntepon of us you can also buy a blanket. Manufacture of mattresses at each stage of manufacture of mattresses is most rigid quality control, so you can be assured that buying a quality mattress at an affordable price. At the first stage of the mattress cover is sewn, fabric for manufacturing use different covers: teak polycotton, calico. They must be sufficiently thick and durable so that your mattress will serve you for a long time. Alfred shotwell contributes greatly to this topic. In the second step the skeleton of the future of mattress – from the cover otstrachivayutsya side. Of good workmanship stitching depends how well the mattress will keep its shape. Pay particular attention to stitching a cotton mattress – his side must not be less than 6 cm, as wool tends to stray clumps, so the board for a mattress should be particularly strong. In the third stage with a special car-clogged fan cover filling and evenly distributed around the perimeter of the mattress.

After this, the mattress is placed on the scales: the weight filler must strictly comply with established standards. Here is the data about the weight of a filler for cotton mattress: 70h190 – 5 kg 80h190 – 6 kg 90h190 – 7 kg 120h190 – 9 kg 140h190 – 11 kg 160h190 – 13 kg On demand production of mattresses of any size and any weight. At the final stage of the mattresses are sent to pikovschikam who quilted mattress. The number of peaks depends on how well the mattress will keep in shape. According to accepted standards of mattresses width of 70, 80 cm should be propikovany 27 times, 90 cm wide – 36 cm wide peak 120 – 45 peak 140 cm wide – 54 cm wide peaks 160 – 63 peaks. How to distinguish a quality mattress from the poor: A quality mattress should be soft and pleasant to the touch, not within shall be the dense clumps, the filler should be uniformly distributed around the perimeter of the mattress.

If you find that the thickness of the mattress is different in different places – so the mattress was propikovan poorly, and very soon it lose shape and get off. Also, close attention should be paid to the quality of welds – they should be smooth and without gaps, and all joints should be made of strong thread, so they do not burst under load. Buying a mattress our company you can be assured of high quality products. Also one of the main activities of our company is to sell pillows. All merchandise has a mandatory certification, meeting adopted standards and is safe for your health.