Plunger Pump

As you know, high speed is greater wear of friction parts. Visit NYC Marathon for more clarity on the issue. Therefore, the calculation of this type of pumps to choose the "middle ground" as well as the pump before use constructively to be finalized. The use of a plunger pump. Plunger Pump has a precise dosage of the volume, but! The least abrasive particle, caught in a couple or a plunger valve, plunger or disrupts, the oppression of valves, causing a disturbance dosage, or even worse: jam or freeze plug. Valve to bend more often for another reason: if the pump is of poor quality. This is mainly observed in low-cost Chinese plunger pumps, which, because of low price, usually set by many manufacturers. Track it in the process is practically impossible.

Pumps can sometimes be found with the use of parts with nikilevym coated, stainless steel, siluminovye, ceramic and plastic. By choosing plunger pump must be approached very cautiously. Pumps made in China, as a rule, not maintainable (SINGLE). Even the smallest spare part you will not find it (the only change whole). Although it is entirely to find a replacement is not always easy. Solution before it enters the pump plunger must be carefully filtered.

Cheap series pumps are usually made of aluminum or silumin. These pumps are long in acidic environment does not work. Some are even on these pumps are made of plastic valve covers, but the presence of repair kits are usually silent. There are pumps made with brass or bronze, but acidic environment for them is devastating.