In the present Russian banya, the traditional Slavic cast out all disease, expelling those who are drunk, Penetrating the “trinity”, a ritual ablution stronger and treated. Who has not heard about it? Good quality and wooden bath Now – this is not a luxury, not prestige, and the health of ourselves and our families. But before you begin construction of baths to get acquainted with its history. Depending on the heat and ways to get a pair of wooden baths are divided into several types: baths, which are fueled “black” and saunas, which drown themselves “on-and-white.” The differences between them are rooted far back in history. They were mostly due to traditions, customs, climate and other peculiarities of different countries. But now we talk about the traditions of the Russian baths.

History bath. The very first mention of the Russian bath is to the IX century. Then she called not room, and a mov or soap. Was a frame of logs, where cracks were zakonopacheny moss and topilas it “black.” Such a furnace and survived to this day. For example, in Siberia is still so stoked. How does this happen? Furnace stoked with no smoke pipe, the smoke goes out through the window, which should always be open, steam room, but still remains in the room. This smoke leaves soot on the walls of the bath. It is for this so-called insert and “black.” It would seem that what spoil bath and breathe this smoke? This question is at once an answer! The smoke contains a special antiseptic substance that destroys bacteria.

Wooden Bath from a furnace “in white.” This furnace is common and is use throughout Russia. The smoke goes through the tube, which not pollute the atmosphere in the steam room and a wash walls is not required. This more modern bath. Heart of the bath. Any Russian baths are equipped with a stove. Heated to 600-800 degrees stones lie in the depths of the furnace, and heated steam at the expense of water overflow on the rocks. Water evaporates in the oven, and then goes through a special door. The soul of the Russian bath. As they say, to build a sauna with a half case. The most important thing to Prepare for par. Slavs is a ritual. How does this happen? One has to throw water on the stones, and other air to disperse a fan. And at a time when soaring say enough, waving a large fan to stop, but the water should continue to throw up. That’s what creates steam supply from the ceiling. The higher the ceiling, the greater the supply of steam. That is why in every bath should be a high ceiling. For all these reasons – bath is a place where people relax, not only body but soul.