Pele Yellow

The name was coined by Clive Toye, the first general manager of the club. Taking inspiration from New York Mets, which means abbreviated “Metropolitans”, Toye took it a step further: Cosmopolitans, or Cosmos, the team was already underway. For colors, Toye chose green and yellow of Brazil, part of its strategy to lure Pel to the United States. led the club to the top of Brazil’s yellow shirt, blue shorts and white socks, but this developed all green with a yellow stripe after about two seasons. When Pele came to the team, his jersey was all white, just like the Saints, while the green jersey was relegated to duty away from your computer. A computer designed by Ralph Lauren was used in the 1979 final, the home kit remained all white, but with blue and yellow. The team made v-neck shirts and shorts with yellow socks, and unusual yellow hoop and then blue.Later, the blue socks were made.