Participant Knowledge

You can not remain static, passive to the constant changes that esceneraios generated in all disciplines, should provide the knowledge to deal with them, be more practical, make way for participants to delve into them and influence them so to collaborate with their proposed solutions assertive. It should bring updated knowledge, backed with an analysis of its scope and impact, according to the characteristics of the stage where it operates, is alarming to go through some university classrooms, even in graduate and find teachers, still wasted talent, capital human participants, using a pedagogy that does not correspond to reality, dictating notes that participants copied verbatim, because that would guarantee a good grade to repeat some test set. Is sad to note how some teachers, monopolize their classes, being the only author who provides the knowledge, avoiding dialogue, contributions, product of the exchange of ideas.

Worried about how many teachers are anchored in traditional tests, where questions are simply consist of repeating concepts, constrained by a set time and with little applicability to practical reality. System that should disappear from traditional classrooms and give way to new job assignments, evaluations and research involving chance of opinions, criticisms, contributions to ensure that the knowledge actually discussed are handled correctly by the participant. It is necessary that the teacher knows to influence participant motivation in learning, discussing current issues, topics that encourage personal growth immunodeficient, professional, encourage dialogue, workshops, classes to be dynamic, a true alchemy of knowing that lead to a new model of learning for the benefit of all.