Pampas Sea Blue

The city of Villa Gesell, already established since long ago as one of the most popular destinations on our Atlantic coast, is known for its hectic nightlife (for children) and super beaches populated in the summer season. I needed an escape, or a growth more than anything for people looking for something more tranquil and/or exclusive. Following this, they were North of the city, emerging resorts seeking to compare and offer visitors a more rugged, more gentle alternative. A space where you can enjoy of what was formerly Gesell, a summer village, for families or couples. Where he could rest, running along the beach and find some dune where the kids could play.

As well is that we find these three spas almost brothers (but with its particularities), very near each other. Without a doubt, the most popular of the three, in recent years is Mar de Las Pampas, a place so requested, that up to tilda fashionable Spa. With nothing to envy to the exclusivisima Carilo, is a rustic and sophisticated, village with sandy streets and dozens of pine trees that make it very attractive. He has a great style in the architecture of its houses and cabins, a delicious menu of restaurants and bars in first level. Also learned to attract the interest of the most important brands in its package Mall.

It is a place special, ideal for walks, go on bike or ATV. Also their dunes sandboard practice permit and the immensity of its beaches to enjoy. Your level generates that it is sued for a target of class only upper middle, where their prices are consistent with the exclusivity of the people who visit it. For those looking for something not so sophisticated, not luxurious, but without losing the tranquility, and the large wild spaces, blue sea is an interesting option, a town in the middle of the forest and the sea. With all the essential services, a wide range of accommodation and gastronomy. Ideal for a holiday in contact with nature and the wide sea. There is also an interesting proposal of campsites that They recall long ago those experiences of camping near the beach and enjoy life in a tent. Finally at the center of these two places, we find Las Gaviotas. The newest of the three resorts, with beaches that invite to stay and spend the whole day, spacious, unspoiled. A small shopping centre, with grills, restaurants and everything you need for a summer stay. Many cabins and accommodations have exit to the sea, where you can witness the most unforgettable sunsets. The more adventurous can visit El Querandi Lighthouse where comes in 4 4 or Fourtrax. No doubt Las Gaviotas, promises to be strong in the coming years. Because they are increasingly better buildings for tourism and gastronomic investments. After these three summer options, Villa Gesell remains such an alternative, to connect again with a little noise and people.