Northwest Brazil

Thus, if it becomes essential to recommend that one simply great removal of the action center is favorable to the increase of the calm until the Cear. This if launches two ways after consecutive frontals in the South of Brazil, ticket that in the dry years does not even occur and in the years of normal rains, rare occurs, because, still under the influence of the polar front, the region of the Chaco if presents cooled, the intense radiation in the summer soon becomes to try, reestablishing the depression local, and thus blocking the suppliment of the polar air of Brazil. According to TUBELIS, it cites on the distribution of the atmospheric pressure assuring that. The occurrence of continental and oceanic masses, throughout the parallels, interrupts the high bands of and low pressures that if would verify on homogeneous surface terrestrial, that they had been seen in the previous item. NY Museums has compatible beliefs. Centers of high and low pressure are formed, some semifixtures and others that if dislocate with the stations of the year. (TUBELIS, 1980.p.224) As we notice, the Atlantic Polar Front, conceived for its maritime branch, persists in the passage for north until the parallel of 22 23 almost. There parked on average one the two days, generating the return of all the principle for east, for after that suffering action from frontolysis and returning with warm front, that provokes constant rains in the Southeast of Brazil, until disappearing in the ocean. The average point of action of the Atlantic one comes back to dominate the coast and to peregrinar toward west to the measure that the Decrease of the Chaco if restitutes. In the coast they increase the pressure and temperature, because the inversion comes back to hinder the convection. The monsoon if remakes blowing for the Chaco with the Northeast direction and the Northwest and returning all the circulation to the normal picture.