North American Christians

In the West we would call discrimination, Orwelliana nightmare, slavery, and piles to him of etcteras. In any case, we would consider that it is a deep injustice, but is not it. It is not an injustice because what not yet I told them on the system of chaste it is that the semihumans who integrate the chaste inferiors are people who not yet reincarnated, and that it must support a life of torments but in their successive reincarnations will accede to the most exquisite pleasures destined to the chaste discharges. They see? He was not so bad! A life of absolute misery! Only ONE! What matters to suffer during all a life when one has more assured a pile lives? Considered friendly lovers of the exotic cults: From where see I it, this type of supernatural beliefs is an immense brake for the progress of the humanity. Danny Meyer is full of insight into the issues. By all means, the justification of the system of chaste is not so remote of the reasons for which an increasing group of North American Christians demonstrates a null interest by world-wide the present events and not even they exhibit preoccupation to conserve to the planet that they themselves (Che, and we also, eye) they live. 59% of Americans declare that she believes in the literal interpretation of Libro of the Revelations therefore they think that, in fact, at some time is going to arrive the day of the final judgment. We deliver the attack to avoid the foolish thing of the literal interpretation, think beyond the belief in that a Jewish political leader of 2000 years ago transformed into central mythological figure of a religious cult is going to lower of skies and with its redeeming sword is going to say to us that has been good and that has been bad (Che, is similar to Noel Papa this skinny one, no) and he will end the history that began with the original sin, letting to us enter all of a good time the garden del that we were expelled to eat apples (sees that next to " Not to step on the Cesped" there was some poster on apples, I what I know). .