New York – The Most Un-American City Of The United States

This is the most un-American city of the United States, a repository of all nations, languages, and it kultur.V fall at first sight or violently reject. Further details can be found at NY Museums, an internet resource. There are no indifferent! Traveling to New York City, of course, the first thing you need to go on Manhattan. Here, in the midst of the American dream, you'll feel the taste of 'Big Apple' – a nickname Americans gave to New York. All in Manhattan! Fifth Avenue – the main artery of Manhattan's most luxurious shops. If you ask to go over it, slightly leaning to the side, you will find Rockefeller Center – an outstanding example of 'art deco' Empire Building Steyts – the most famous skyscraper, will come to Broadway, where the best placed musicals. If you want to raise your vitality, come on Taymsskver.

Although sovesem recently, this famous square celebrated its centenary, life here is in full swing all day. Soul of the City opens in Central Park – An oasis rest and relaxation, surrounded on all sides by skyscrapers. In essence, this is a year-round resort, where New Yorkers do not just sit on the grass, eating and resting from the hustle and bustle, but still play sports or entertain. All summer on the Grand lawn are free opera performances and concerts. In the chapel of St.

Paul's Chapel – the oldest building in Manhattan houses the Museum of September 11. During the work on the ruins of the World Trade Center here found shelter firefighters, police and workers. In order to support them morally, to provide rest and food, came into the chapel, hundreds of people. On the walls – photographs, children's drawings, letters, personal belongings, rescuers saved. Not forgotten and tetrapods friends. In New York there will be 300 different monuments to dogs who helped find people to rubble. Pay a pledge – and go! The most wonderful way to see Central Park, which stretches along Manhattan's almost 4 kilometers – a ride on his bike paths that take rent in sporting goods stores. It also offers its services to tourists experienced guide. If you're lucky, get to the makeshift jazz concert – Crossroads malls chosen by the musicians.