New York City

As To introduce the Moment The best actors with great success in the whole world, become daring and courageous the sufficient alone because that moment exists. You can acquire these same abilities. You can find that completely she is made a mistake, because they are actors and actresses are dissimulating. However, the best ones they never dissimulate. They absolutely are absorbed by the moment all word that leaves its mouth is truth. Why? Because they are living total the moment, living the dialogues that are speaking as if spoke of them.

It sees as you can practise: To read in high voice The way to practise of being and living the moment is to read in high voice. It tries to read in high voice with certain frequency. It thinks as lines of thoughts and images and leaves these lines to make and to speak. It says them as if it was one real colloquy and you it will be in a conversation. The Reading in high voice will make you to enter immediately for the creative thought, to act and to be at the moment. If you have children or a spouse, they read for, or work as voluntary, reading for the sick people in the hospital or children in the orphanage – it is an excellent way to escape its proper difficulties and to dive at the moment.

Harold Guskin is the most famous trainer acting in New York, it taught stars as Kevin Kline, Glenn Close and Bridget is an exploration of the moment. the key is to say what it is wanted to say without trying to fix it (to say spontaneously) . What you now say must be more important of what as you said anteriormente’ ‘ , A time that you dominate the reading in high voice at the moment, carrying through this technique in colloquies with friends and relatives and, after that, fellow workers, you will be frightened as this ability it will be useful in meetings with its business-oriented head or colleagues, suppers and dates special with meeting with its family.